About Me

This is me

Hi, I’m Friedrich. I work as lead developer of the engine pod at Fraugster, a young fintech startup in Berlin. Fraugster provides an API to detect and reject fraudulent credit card transactions using machine learning. The programming stack is highly Go centric so you can expect lots of Go related posts on this blog. \ʕ◔ϖ◔ʔ/

Within the Fraugster engineering team I am one of four lead developers (engine, core, ops & front-end) each with its own small team of about four people. In this role I work closely with the analytics and data science team to design and implement the components that drive our fraud detection engine and scoring systems. This is both challenging and a lot of fun and I hope to get some of the things I learn along the way to paper into this blog.

Before I joined Fraugster in December 2016 I worked for Classmarkets for over three years. Classmarkets is a SaaS-company which builds real-estate and job-portals for publishers and media houses. This is where I learned Go but also implementing polyglot distributed systems (aka “micro-services) to scale up Classmarkets to more than 80 regional classified web portals.

I did my CS master’s degree at Freie Universität Berlin between 2010 and 2013. At this time, as well as during my bachelor’s degree (via a cooperative study program) I worked part time for Deutsche Post IT Solutions (DHL) to learn the craft of software development.

That’s pretty much all. You can find more information on LinkedIn and the interwebz.